It has finally arrived- moving day! After days of packing, repacking, and then repacking some more, I am now ready to bid London a big old au revoir tomorrow. I am not too excited at the prospect of hauling all this luggage on and off the Eurostar by myself though…

It’s set to be a busy few days, as I have to go sort out loads of boring admin stuff with the Uni, as well as just general stuff like getting a phone contract etc.

But a slightly bigger concern is that we are due to start a language course on Tuesday (yes, in 2 days!), and we haven’t heard any information about this whatsoever… I’ve heard that French administration is generally pretty poor, but I was always trying to shrug it off, thinking that it’s just an exaggeration.

I don’t know where I’ve found this hope, considering that we have basically no information right now. When does term actually start? Are any of us enrolled onto this language course? And, should I expect this lack of information to be a continued thing? Sadly, I can already predict that the answer to that  final question is oui


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