We’ve moved in! After a few hours of catching up and unpacking, Sophie and I decided to hit the streets of Paris. And it’s safe to say that we are already in love with our new home for the year. 

Whilst we did have a set of chores to complete (opening a bank account, getting a french sim etc), we just kept getting too distracted by everything. Paris is literally so surreal, you have to stop and take everything in- even if it is the 1000th bakery you’ve seen in the space of five minutes. With this, it was great to realise that living in the 2nd arrondissement is in fact what the landlord described as “stylé”. Plus, the weather was fantastic, so it really was the perfect day to walk around and get comfortable with our local area.



We then got a week long Navigo card (a kind of Oystercard equivalent), and then set off to to find Société Générale, which is the bank Sophie has chosen to go with. I’ve gone with HSBC, and the only problems I’m having is because of my own silliness in sorting it all out too late- so I’m now in France without a French account, but with a UK account that has money in it, but I just can’t use it yet… woops. If anyone does have this problem, a temporary fix is the Post Office Travel Card, which is doing me well so far!

Later in the day, we did some food shopping. The products are all great, you’ll be in heaven when you arrive. In fact, I was so impressed that I made the rookie error of over-buying, and therefore struggled to carry it all back to ours- how embarrassing! Especially as Sophie was speeding ahead, whilst I was lagging behind, barely able to feel my arms.

So to sum up, we didn’t really complete our list of tasks, but at least we saw (and resisted) all of the pretty cakes.

As for tomorrow, we finally have some information on the language course, but not officially- we just found it on the Facebook page. Hopefully if we show up, they’ll just let us in. This could be misplaced hope again, but we’ll have to wait and see…


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