Apparently when you move to Paris, you should expect that 90% of your nights are going to be spent out and about, either at a bar, restaurant or club. I guess that just means that your time in Paris will never be dull. And after only a few weeks here, I can definitely agree…


You may have not been a big wine drinker at home, but in France, that will change. Wine is ridiculously cheap, and ridiculously good. (Ha, sounding like a serious alcoholic there). Also, working out how to use a corkscrew will probably be an interesting process…

But my highlight of going out so far has to be the “picque niques” aka pre-drinks organised by the EIAP. They’d literally pick a location (e.g. La tour Eiffel) and hundreds of Erasmus students would meet up, and we’d all drink and chat whilst taking in the most amazing surroundings of Paris. It may not sound that great, but there was something about it that was really lovely, as it was so inclusive and chilled out. But as Paris is now getting a little bit colder, we’ve also found some bars.


Picque-nique Louvre

Metro Jussieu

This is my personal favourite, as the music is so good! It’s not overly spacious but everyone seems to just get their drinks and then hang out outside. Really great atmosphere, and I couldn’t recommend it enough. I think shots were €2 each, and the other drinks were around €6-10.11992294_10153259451561731_1690685596_n

Bar 2bis
Metro Jussieu

Bar 2bis is perfect for students as the prices are probably the lowest we’ve seen anywhere in Paris! Also, you can order a Rhum and Coke and not feel judged… It does get incredibly hot, and quite cramped, but a nice place nonetheless.


Les Etages
Metro Rambuteau

This bar is almost hidden away in the 4th arrondissement, so it was a nice surprise when we found it. It’s really quirky in the way it is decorated, and it’s definitely worth a visit.


This is by no means a definitive list of bars, just a few that I’ve enjoyed. That being said, there is literally a bar everywhere you go in Paris, and something for everyone.


Admittedly, I haven’t gone clubbing a lot, so this post is just a brief taster of what clubs are like out here. There are tons of clubs, and a few recommended to us that we are yet to try include Wanderlust and Rex. Generally, you can get into clubs for free before 1pm, and if you are later than that, it’s usually around €20 to get in. You’ll definitely find yourself missing those student night prices at home.

And la mode? Do you really have to be a extra-classy, extra-chic Parisienne? The answer is yes and no. Yes, it’s classy in the sense that you can’t wear trainers or hoodies (like most clubs in London), but you don’t have to wear dresses every night. Girls do wear dresses, but I’ve only gone out in jeans and heeled boots and I’ve been let in, so I suppose it’s fine. I know I should be making more of an effort to be chic, but I just can’t be bothered…


Jeans and a nice top will do

Palais Maillot
Metro Porte Maillot

This was a pretty good club, and the music was good, as, we knew most of the songs- it was almost like being in England, as I don’t remember hearing any French music. But, the DJ was absolutely awful, because he kept changing the songs just before they got good. But that might have just been a one-off thing, so if we ever go back I’ll keep you posted…

Le Hobo
Metro Franklin D. Roosevelt

This was our first night out, and I was quite impressed. Nobody else seemed to love it too much, as the music was a mix of stuff you may know, and then a lot of techno style music too- which is huge in Paris!


ZigZag Club
Metro Franklin D. Roosevelt

Definitely an interesting night… It is basically the Paris version of Warwick’s Switch events. It really depends on if you’re into this type of music/scene!


So there you go! There’s so much more to Paris than this, and if we explore any more student friendly places, I’ll be sure to let you know.



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