Like everything else in France, you need to go through more administrative hurdles…

Okay, so it isn’t as difficult as I’m making it sound. But still, it is unnecessarily long.

In England, you find a sports club or team, you join, and then you go to weekly training, matches and what have you, and that’s it. You play sport. It’s fantastically easy. But here, you find a sports club, you go to training, and then at the end of your first session you’re handed a form. It isn’t just a “fill out your name and address” kinda thing.

You have to have a MEDICAL CERTIFICATE to be able to play a sport in France. It is literally a piece of paper that says “X is healthy to play sport.”

So if you are planning to play sport when you come out here, get a certificate from your English GP that says you’re allowed to. Be careful though, because this might not be enough- some clubs require the certificate to be signed by your doctor in France. Am I surprised that there’s yet another requirement? No.

However, a girl at Netball told me that it is quite easy- if you just type in “medecins gratuites” into Google, you can book a rendez-vous quite easily, and get it all sorted in the same appointment.

I mean I do understand why this is a requirement. But I just can’t believe it. I feel like everything in France is genuinely quite backwards. But there you go.


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