This inexplicable drop in temperatures is breaking my heart. Pack your écharpe, chapeau and gants, because you’re probably going to need them earlier than you thought. Cue the unnecessary weather update… 

This week brought about a sudden (unwelcome) wave of single-digit degree weather, and I’m annoyed. Everyone agrees that it feels like this cold weather came out of nowhere. What is going on Paris?! I don’t care if Paris is prettier when it’s cold- we deserve a few more weeks of okay-ish weather. That being said, it is going to get a lot colder, so I should probably invest in a warmer scarf, and start getting used to the fact that my huge winter coat is going to be making a permanent appearance.

The issue with wrapping up so warm is that it’s great while you’re outside and you feel all toasty and reasonably in line with Winter fashion, but then you step onto the SAUNA of the train, and you instantly regret those 3 layers, and the fact that you opted for your knee high boots. I’m still unsure whether I should be appreciating this heat instead of complaining about it…


That’s really all I wanted to say in this post. It’s cold. The End.

P.S: I promise to write something more valuable soon.


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