It’s definitely NOT like England…

Lectures are cancelled an awful lot
It’s odd. In England you’d have the odd lecture that wasn’t on, but here it is very common. In our very first week we had cancelled lectures- the first week! We went to the amphi and nobody was there…

But this means a lot of “rattrapage” aka catch up lectures
Which is also very strange. Sometimes the catch up lectures clash (ha, there’s my favourite word again) with your other timetabled classes. Classic French administration. And then there’s the…

SATURDAY catch-ups
This is horrible. It is NEVER ok to be in school on a weekend, and a Saturday with 3 hours of Contract law isn’t really the cool weekend any of us had in mind. I also have a TD next Saturday at 9am. Shocking.


I know I’ve mentioned this in an earlier post, but how is this how lectures work over here?! It’s literally you vs the professor, trying to take down every. single. word. Seriously bizzare.

And sometimes, it’s just read out loud to you from a book
So then it seriously becomes a dictation. In lectures where the teacher just reads out from his book, I have noticed a serious drop in attendance numbers. Ah, to be fluent in French…

No one sits on their phones/is disinterested
This is strange but only because you don’t see the same level of concentration and commitment in the UK! I have a new found respect for the students who do attend, to stay focused for the full 3 hours. It also shows how passionate they are I think! Either way, it’s good for me, because this means that most of the time I’m too embarrassed to get my phone out… except just before the clock strikes 7pm on our Thursday evening Contract fun.



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