12047479_10153324259446731_284711530_n  Or, more accurately, an excuse not to work…

After repeatedly whining about how I have no balance in my new found Parisian life, I decided to take some (undeserved) time out from attempting to work, and took a few hours to catch up with some friends, and generally just chill out for a while- that’s what finding balance is… right?

Metro Saint-Francois-Xavier

We visited a really cool cafe, which was surprisingly very modern! Paris is known for the very traditional, cute cafes, so this was definitely a nice change. It reminded me a bit of being back in a GCSE Chemistry lesson, which was also surprisingly cool. No soy milk though, boohoo.







Metro Arts et Metiers 

After reading about this place everywhere, I was so glad when we finally decided to check it out- it was definitely a wise choice. The general atmosphere and vibe was so cool, not to mention the decor! If you find yourself in Le Marais (which, let’s face it, you will), this is a bar you shouldn’t skip. The cocktails we had, although pricey, were really great!

12167180_10153335687296731_865615620_n12063998_10153336230101731_462185037_nOoooooh so much balance, she got a coffee and then got a cocktail– this may be what you’re thinking. But it is a hell of a lot better than being cooped up in uni/Starbucks/home every single day of the week, desperately trying to finish the 15th fiche d’arret that you know you have got completely wrong.

All the students we have met so far have been telling us to “profite bien” as we are, after all, in Paris. MAIS COMMENT?!?! That is the burning question. We have decided that starting from after our exam (on Thursday, ha), we are going to have at least one cultural/sight-seeing-esque adventure a week, and then also a night off to just to hang out and do absolutely nothing law-related whatsoever.

I have seen more of my Grands arrêts de la jurisprudence administrative textbook that I have of Paris- so I can’t wait. I just hope we stick to our plan!


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