We are finally on a week break! I really feel like a week off is just what we need to recover from what has already been a ridiculously busy few weeks of term. I guess this is the equivalent of a reading week in the UK? Except, I never really felt too stressed for reading week at home…

After a really great weekend with my sisters (they came to visit, post coming soon!), the harsh reality that is life is unfortunately kicking in. I’m making a mental to-do list, which right now seems completely unachievable. I have an essay to write, as well as revision for my Administrative exam, which is in a week. But it was always going to be that way, so instead of complaining, I should just be thankful that I have a week of no classes to sort myself out, and get prepared properly!

I haven’t really got too many exciting plans, but I know I should probably go and explore more of Paris while I have the chance. It is a great opportunity and I shouldn’t waste any time.

I also want to update the blog a lot more this week, so stay tuned for more! I have loads of posts that I need to write up.

Until next time.


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