Wow, first day off from Uni. Did I go to explore an unknown part of Paris? Did I walk around and embrace the beauty of the city I am now living in? Did I meet up with friends, enjoy a coffee and catch up on everything I’ve missed out on whilst I’d been hidden away in the hole that is university? Nope. I went to a bookshop… A LEGAL bookshop. 

I’ve put freedom in quotation marks, because obviously, this week does not allow for full freedom. With it being Monday and all, I probably should’ve gotten a head start on some work.

But instead, I was a classic procrastinator. I convinced myself that a few preparatory tasks would get me in the mood for work. I’ll just nip to the book store quickly because I need that textbook. But whilst I’m out of the house, I may as well go to Fnac and pick up a bit more stationary. What’s the point of having a brand new textbook, but not at least 6 different highlighters? Ooh and a folder. For all those notes I’m going to make later. 

It’s amazing the lengths I’ll go to in order to stall the work I actually have to do. After buying my book, I ended up browsing every shop I could find (but resisted buying a single item of clothing, hurrah), before ending up at Fnac last (classic) and then decided that I was far too tired to carry a packet of highlighters and a folder, so I headed back home.


“La passion du Droit” – ha


But for all the legal geeks out there, get your textbooks from the Sorbonne area! (Metro Saint Michel, or Metro Cluny-La Sorbonne). There’s loads of legal book stores, which was cool but also really strange. The area is really pretty, and I ended up walking around after buying my book. Here’s some really shit photos I took before my phone died- at 40%! Why does this always happen to me?!

12181945_10153350584841731_1499508465_n 12181985_10153350584851731_1941903362_n

After making an hour trip last for 4 hours, I came home ready to do some work. So what did I start with? A nap. It’s safe to say that the world’s worst student title probably goes to me, as I completed a total of zero hours of work. I do hope that the rest of the week doesn’t go like this…


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