12233347_10153373432966731_159820920_nCalling all students: Can’t study at home but feel like you’re throwing money down the drain when you realise that you’re on your 5th latte at Starbucks but still haven’t managed to finish that reading you were supposed to do? Well Hubsy Cafe might just change that…

This isn’t your usual cafe, which is why I had to write about it! You basically get given a card when you go in, and that card is to see how long you’ve spent in there. This is because you only pay for the time you stay there.

So how is this so different to going to Starbucks, you ask?

Well, that is because you literally only pay for the time you stay at Hubsy. So all the drinks (coffees, soft drinks etc) and food (cakes, breads, fruits, veg, sweets, everything) are included in the price. For example: the maximum you ever have to pay is €16, as this is the price for 4 hours or more. In that that time, you can help yourself to anything in the kitchen, and have endless coffee- which is very useful when you are a stressed over yet another impending deadline.

It’s really cool concept, and great deal for when you literally have to stay there the whole day to complete an essay, for example.

IMG_7501_m0aoka (1)

Photo from – note that the prices online are different to the one I paid in store- it was in fact 16 for more than 4hrs.

I quite like how the layout of the place is like a house: they have the kitchen, and then a little lounge area with sofas, and then several tables so everybody can work. Other things I liked include:

  • GREAT WIFI: Not that shitty type where you have to reconnect yourself every 20 minutes.
  • SOCKETS, EVERYWHERE: It’s always a bit of a struggle to find a power socket in cafes, but here, there were several!
  • SOYA MILK: Also quite rare in cafes that aren’t big chains, so this was definitely a plus.
  • A TOASTER: This is a bit of an unusual one, but how great?! You can casually just get up and toast some bread. (Bread included).
  • LOVELY STAFF: They are really nice and chatty, so when you do want to take a break, it doesn’t just have to be a scroll through your Facebook feed.
  • SOUND LEVELS: It has the perfect balance: not the crazy crying baby amongst the heavy chatter of everybody around you in Starbucks, but also not the terrifying pin-drop silence.

Why can’t I just save myself money by having some self control and working at home? Let’s not open that door…

41 Rue Reamur. 
Metro: Reamur Sebastopol, or Arts et Metiers


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