After about 500 selfies outside the Louvre, 3 months into my year abroad is an okay amount of time to wait before I actually go inside right? Sonika was determined to see the Mona Lisa this weekend, so I also finally got to check off one of the many things on my to-do list for Paris.

And why wouldn’t you want to see the Mona Lisa? The Louvre is probably one of the most popular tourist attractions in Paris, and it definitely is worth a visit. I’m not really an art geek myself, but it was still quite enjoyable. Even if you do or don’t love art, you should definitely set aside a considerable chunk of time to visit- there’s so much to see! I would say it’s worth it, and what’s more, it is free for EU residents or students!






“She’s a lot smaller than I thought she would be…”

She was also smiling a hell of a lot more than I thought she would be. Oh well, I guess that just goes to show how little I know about art. There’s also the whole thing about the Mona Lisa following you around the room- be sure to walk around the room (like I happily did) and not be afraid of looking like an idiot, in order to see for yourself. Also, don’t be afraid to take that precious selfie with the Mona Lisa- Sonika certainly wasn’t shy, but she wasn’t the only one going for it! I shudder to think what Leonardo da Vinci would’ve thought about the art of the selfie however…

The Louvre Palace and Pyramid is actually really, really lovely at night also- we were there for a social in our very first week here. So if you have time to walk by and see it when it is all lit up, be sure to do so!

But of course, what I’ve done the most by the Louvre is take several photos. Don’t forget to take some classic tourist photos like we did.







I will have more updates on what we spent our weekend doing soon!


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