Walking down the Champs-Elysées Christmas markets, this news is definitely not what we were expecting. But then again, that’s what makes these sorts of things even worse, isn’t it? The unexpectedness of it all. It’s definitely easy to lose faith in humanity in times like these. But there is also a part of you that starts to find an increased amount of faith, namely in the fact that everybody is uniting to ensure the safety of both loved ones, and strangers. 

Hostages, shootings, bombings: these are the actions of a selfish few. What started off as a normal evening for most, has now ended in disaster, and it is beyond difficult to comprehend the chilling reality of what has overtaken Paris.

It’s nearing 3am here in Paris, and I am still beyond lost, and completely taken aback as to how everything can change in a split second. The news is still coming out, and it’s incredibly fragmented. But each and every piece reveals the severity of what is going on.



Scenes outside our friends’ apartment

The only comforting thing is to see the unity of the world in coming together, in their prayers, thoughts and actions. The #‎PorteOuverte‬ is just one of the things keeping our faith in humanity. It’s a gentle reminder that despite the evil that often rears its ugly head, there is still so much good in the world.

That being said, whilst you feel an understandable sense of relief to see that your relative has “checked in” as safe on Facebook, or that your friend has replied to your texts letting you know that they’re okay, do bare in mind that this is not the case for everybody. Please spare a thought and prayer for those who weren’t as lucky.

Stay safe, and pray for Paris.


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