I’m not a fan of Disney movies, so I was not expecting to enjoy Disneyland this much! After visiting 2 weeks ago, I have to say that it is literally the most magical place on Earth… 

Who says Disneyland is just for kids? We had the greatest day, and it definitely lifted our spirits! I could practically feel the tensions of this ridiculous Law degree flying away from me. Despite the cold weather, the Christmas theme (woo) made up for the fact that we were freezing, and the general magic of it all made for a great day.

It was definitely a nice surprise that the Park had kicked into Christmas mode, as we weren’t expecting it, and it added that extra special touch. The Christmas Parade was also pretty great.




There was just such a happy atmosphere, and it is probably the land where you can put real life on pause, and just enjoy yourself. There was pure excitement everywhere. It definitely left me wishing I wasn’t in such a rush to grow up when I was younger.

We bought the day ticket for one Park (it’s much cheaper to buy online). When we got there we realised that one of the “big thrill” rides in our Park were closed, but we couldn’t go into any of the other parks with our ticket, without having to pay the difference of the overpriced tickets at the Ticket office there- which wasn’t worth it, considering that online the difference was only something like €4.  So I would recommend getting a two-Park ticket online!






And in true spirit of all things Disney, we even went to meet Mickey Mouse…



It was the most weirdly, wonderful day. “Magical” definitely sums it up.



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