Pont de l’Archevêché: love or heartbreak?


If you ever need a reminder of eternal love in Paris, (because that couple getting off along the Seine just isn’t enough), then the Pont de l’Archevêché- or the Love Lock bridge- is the place to go. But, don’t bother taking a padlock anymore… 

I have recently found out that people have now been coming to this bridge instead of the Pont des Arts, because the padlocks on that one have been replaced with “padlock themed graffti”- aka something sounds like the least romantic thing ever…

And why is this? The bridge isn’t strong enough! Bridge. A word that holds connotations of general strength and sturdiness.

Disappointed, I found a slight sense of hope (?) in the fact that at least the Pont de l’Archevêché can allow for the tradition of unbreakable love to continue. But, my inner romantic now has to deal with further heartbreak: THIS BRIDGE IS CLOSING TOO.

That’s right folks, apparently even this bridge is not sticking around. A big middle finger to all the lovers in the world: Paris can no longer handle your ridiculous manifestations of amour.


Sorry “Craig & Linda 4eva <3”- your time is up

It’s all for the protection from “long-term heritage degradation”. Ironic, that something so romantic, has come to an end, in possibly the most unromantic way ever.

Instead, glass panels will now be placed on the bridges. I’m glad we went to visit before this happened, and the photos weren’t ruined by the flash awkwardly reflecting off these panels.

12305471_10153397230241731_2056107696_n.jpg12286174_10153397230226731_878691474_n.jpg12246838_10153220744173240_2622436051102628610_n.jpgSo for all you lovers out there who want to prove your eternal love, capable of overcoming any hurdles, and how your 2 souls have literally become 1, I’m afraid this whole cutesy padlock thing is over. Maybe you could just tell each other “I love you”, instead.


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