When somebody is planning to visit Paris, this is usually the number one thing on their list of tourist plans. It is pretty great, but the general queuing palava can take away from the experience- you have to not let it get the best of you! 

I wouldn’t describe this as a “tourist trap”- you definitely have to do this at some point if you are in Paris!

If you want to save time, I recommend buying tickets online, as that queue is a lot quicker (you literally just walk in with your ticket). If not, you’ll be pre-queuing (the queue to get into the actual queue in the Eiffel tower), for about an hour (or maybe even more), in order to buy your tickets and finally get somewhere even remotely near to a lift.


And that isn’t all. The lifts only go up to maybe the second stage, and then from there you have to get (but first queue for) the other lift to take you all the way to the top.


Like I said, it is something that everybody wants to do, so you can understand the lengthy queues! At least the people were lovely- I couldn’t imagine having somebody really awful behind us that whole time.

Whilst you get past all of the queuing hurdles, you can enjoy the fantastic view! We went at night, and everything was so gorgeous as the city was lit up. I wish we had gone a little bit earlier so we could have seen it all in the daylight too, but it was still really lovely.



Classic Paris PDA


Whilst I did really enjoy it, I still preferred the view from the Arc de Triomphe. I’m not sure why though, but I suppose it is just personal choice! Either way, I would definitely climb the Eiffel Tower again, but probably not for a while…


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