Just a quick post about this cute little cocktail bar that my friends and I went to when they came to visit. It had such a cool 1920s vibe, and we all loved it. 

This place was such a good find! It is hidden away (why is this always the case in Paris?), and we almost walked right past it. Just look out for the Jeffrey’s top hat/mustache logo.

The biggest miracle is that all of our cocktails were actually really, really nice! I’ve had such a mare with my poor choice of drinks in Paris, and it was a pleasant surprise that these were so yummy. It was also easier to part with €13, having actually enjoyed my drinks, as opposed to not being able to stomach it…



With the cocktails in your hand, and the super cool music, you almost feel like you’re transported back to the roaring twenties. It felt very classy, but in a very understated and subtle way.

As lovely as it really was, it is quite pricey. I probably wouldn’t go back just for a casual drink. It’s quite a special place, so I’d recommend it for an occasion, like somebody’s birthday.

Whilst it may not have a happy hour, it is still definitely the place to be in Paris. Great drinks, great atmosphere, and a great night.

14 rue Saint-Sauveur 75002 Paris
Metro Sentier


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