For somebody who doesn’t really love art, this was an enjoyable day!  Some of it was quite bizarre, which is probably why I appreciated it more… 

If you are planning to go, don’t buy your tickets from the machine! All the reduced tariffs aren’t available there. Go to the queue and there you can show your student ID or proof that you are an EU citizen to get your free tickets (wahooou).

As soon as I walked in, I had a feeling it was probably going to be quite a fun day. The first exhibition felt incredibly modern, and like I said, quite strange.

Whilst traditional art is probably more valuable and interesting to some, and can at times still be bizarre and intriguing, I tend to enjoy the whackier, newer stuff. Just my opinion folks.


But what I think is nice about the Centre Pompidou is that there is something for everyone: Traditional art lovers, as well as those who prefer some modern exhibitions.


There is also the view from Pompidou which is quite nice. I didn’t love it, but it is still a nice panoramic view of everything. Generally it was a nice surprise as I didn’t realise this was something that was offered!

You can get a separate ticket just for the view for €3 (if you don’t want to see the exhibitions). Otherwise, it is included with your original ticket for the exhibitions.


A big thanks to Ion for all the photos- my phone decided to unexpectedly reset itself and not turn back on for the afternoon.

Metro Rambuteau or Les Halles


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