And I’m scared. 1) Time is going really quickly. 2) ANOTHER SET OF EXAMS ARE ON THEIR WAY. 

Ah, Christmas. Jingle bells and general joy. For most university students (well at least most of us at Warwick), the build up to the Christmas break is generally quite stress free. Some students might look at this and think I’m drunk- “We have coursework to hand in, you moron! Class tests! What’s the matter with you?!”

And yes, you do tend to have all those things. But isn’t it nice to know that once that horrible moment is over, you can go and celebrate by getting horrendously drunk at Smack, and then let the hangover roll into your month long holiday, where all you really have to do is eat loads of food in between your essay writing?

I think that’s what makes the build up quite stress free. The fact that you’ve got a month afterwards to basically do shit-all. I wish I had a month holiday. Instead, I have a two-week break, a face full of stress acne,  and 4 January exams to prepare for. Not to mention that I have a huge contract exam to conquer in less than 2 weeks time.

Now, 2 weeks and 4 exams does seem quite doable. I managed in college. And that was even with taking days off for Christmas (and most of Christmas Eve), New Years Eve, New Years Day, and sometimes even Boxing Day.

But in this instance, it seems pretty impossible. I’m going to be on holiday for the first few days (YAY COPENHAGEN!) which I literally can’t wait for, as I’m going to be reunited with my best friend after so long!

As excited as I am, the nagging voice in my head is reminding me that leaves me with even less time.

However, the first 2 years of Law School have taught me the art of cramming. So whilst I’m probably going to be the most unfriendly (and highly caffeinated) human being beginning the 24th Dec, I WILL GET THIS DONE. Will I pass? I bloody better. Especially if I’m giving up a day of Christmas movies.

With regards to the blog, I’ve scheduled a few posts to come out (sneaky), but other than that, my focus will be on the exams. These next 2 weeks will be me going at full speed not only to prepare for Contract, but to get a much-needed head start for the January exams!

Bonne courage à moi….


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