How can you even question how brilliant Paris is?! Well, if you’re a Law student, it’s actually quite easy.

I suppose somebody should be honest about studying Law in Paris. Paris itself, is amazing. Yes, you have the Eiffel Tower, the Louvre, and all this other neat stuff that would probably make your friends and family really jealous. You get to live in this amazing city, like no other, and really experience such a different way of life. And when you get comfortable enough to call it “home”, that’s when you know you’re really in love with Paris. That’s when you know you’ll probably never want to leave.

But what’s the point of paying for that really expensive apartment, living in the hotspot of culture, creativity, and all things fabulous, having all these amazing things around you, and then not even being able to experience, let alone enjoy it all? When you can only admire Paris in your brief daydreams from work, it just isn’t the same. This amazing city; it isn’t quite yours.

And when I was comfortable enough to call it “home”, I realised that I can’t be in love with Paris. I don’t know Paris. And, I’d probably quite happily leave.

This is quite different to anything I would’ve said a few weeks ago. Most of the others here didn’t love Paris from the start. I felt like it was my job to really promote Paris, and make everyone see how fantastic it was. And it is- Paris is fantastic. But being buried in all of this work, I’m really struggling to see it. So much so, that I’ve basically given up.

It’s not that it is a lot of work. We already get less because we are Erasmus students. But it is still quite unbearable. There are exams around every single corner, you have two essays every week, a million fiche d’arrets every week, and on top of it, you have no real support from anyone.

Yes, I’m used to it now. Law was always going to be hard. But it comes at the cost of having no other life here. And yes, there’s more to life that studying, and it should be relatively “easy” to establish some sort of balance. But it’s almost Christmas, my second set of exams are on their way, and all I can hope for is that Term 2 is magically going to be better. I’m probably just bitter. Maybe I’m even lazy. Either way, Paris isn’t the dream I naively thought it would be in second year.

If you are going to choose Paris, Sophie would say don’t. I would say you should really think about it. The administrative team would probably say: “At least two of you have to, sorry”.

So in response to the title of this piece: Paris is all it’s cracked up to be. Just not when you’re here doing a law degree.


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