12395469_10153439320421731_2136085389_n.jpgQuite accurately described as Paris’s “centre for sleaze”,  the quartier Pigalle with its array of sex shops and strip clubs turned Sophie and I into giggling schoolgirls again. 

You instantly realise why it is so famous when you start walking down this street. The “red light district” of Paris has become a landmark for burlesque, cabaret, and then all things sex.

It really is quite ridiculous. Although, I’m glad we went in the daytime and not the evening…

And then comes the real famous landmark: the Moulin Rouge. Whilst you can still go and watch a show here, after looking at prices online, it really is far more than we would be willing to pay… It’s nice to look at from the outside though, and of course to get the coveted tourist photo.

There was also “Le Chat Noir” cafe which we didn’t go into- but it was definitely cool seeing the basis of what is for some, the essence of Parisian art.


Overall, I’ve had a cool last weekend in Paris. I’ve done a great job at avoiding responsibilities and my impending doom for these January exams. Currently in a love-hate (80% hate) relationship with Paris, and I don’t really see that changing until uni is over…



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