Here are the first few things we got up to in Copenhagen on our short break! Despite the very, very cold weather, we tried to keep our chins up and enjoy it as much as we could. 

It was very nice to visit, even with the gloomy clouds and cold breeze. I can imagine it would be even more brilliant in the sun, with the colourful plants being given a chance to shine. The Greenhouse itself was absolutely breathtaking- such a beautiful building.


Aka the wonderful coloured townhouses! Even rain couldn’t take away from the candy-coloured charm. However, the misleading lure from a local boat-tour did ruin the experience for us…

I won’t divulge too much, but for those interested in the boat tours in the future, I’d say you should be a little wary. We did get a full refund though. It was a shame we couldn’t get our wasted time back though.


This was the biggest surprise, as the building itself, both outside and inside, was stunning. With this, it felt so modern and it was genuinely such a beautiful church.

It was quite disappointing that we didn’t get to climb the spiral staircase and see the view from the tower, as it is closed until February.



We both had some last minute Christmas shopping to do, so the massive choice of shops was a welcome surprise. Strøget is a large street full of shops, with some familiar stores (H&M, Urban Outfitters etc), as well as some stores which we’ve only really experienced in our dreams (Prada, etc).

The Christmas Markets really succeeded in making us forget about the weather and get into the festive spirit. Here we tried a Danish delicacy: liquourice flavoured almonds. It’s definitely an acquired taste, to say the least…

Also, the streets were exceptionally decorated, so you couldn’t really escape the Christmas joy even if you wanted to.

I will have more updates on what we did in the next post!


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