The amazing Tivoli Park and a final few other things we got up to in Copenhagen.

Everywhere online highlights that Tivoli Park is not to be missed when visiting Copenhagen, and I have to agree. It was by far my favourite spot, and just so spectacular- the Danes certainly tick all the criteria of extravagance.

For those that don’t know, it is a huge theme park- one which apparently inspired Disneyland.


What was great was that the Park was in full Christmas mode. However, we were told there would be Christmas markets too, but this wasn’t actually the case. This also left us feeling a bit cheated due to the fact that we paid 10 for the entry, and didn’t buy a ticket for the rides as we thought we’d be occupied with all the markets.

But I suppose the fact that it was so pretty made up for it.

Described online as a “society within a society”, I cannot not think of a more accurate description. It definitely felt like a separate world inside the rest of Copenhagen, but it was just as welcoming and in no way exclusive or threatening.

Yes it is significantly “rougher”, particularly the “green light district” of Pusher Street. But, you get the sense that people are just living their lives, with no harmful intent. Photography is understandably forbidden.

It was interesting to see, as well as quite astonishing as how this is worlds apart from the clean, organised Copenhagen we had seen previously.

Also quite a remarkable Church, it is worth a visit. It is placed literally next to Amelienborg Castle, and I was quite impressed.


We decided not to visit The Little Mermaid (shocking, I know), as many people we knew had told us it was very underwhelming….

We stayed at the Generator Hostel, which was really brilliant, and I would definitely recommend it. It’s very central, and easy to get to.

Be prepared to spend more than you are willing to- everything felt ridiculously expensive! We did find a purse-friendly Mexican place called BarBurrito, and one good happy hour deal (can’t remember the name of the place, but it’s a few buildings down from BarBurrito). Their deal is on their window, along with their catchy slogan of “shaking your ass”.

If you’re coffee/hot drink lovers like us, I would advise you to just stick to Baresso coffees. Despite the scary price tag attached to your latte, you definitely get your money’s worth (i.e. a full cup!) unlike the other independent cafes we tried.

Although there are much cheaper hot drinks at the hotsel, but we didnt realise until it was much too late…


Former Stock Exchange


Just a final note: if you are going to brave the winter cold in the name of Christmas, wrap up extra, extra warm.

All photo credits to Arti.

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