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It’s only the 11th of Jan, and I’ve already ruined my life. That’s a record time, people. *Pats self on the back* Here’s how I did it in just 11 days.

1) When I pulled an all-nighter for the libertés fondamentales exam.

After a holiday of pretending to look at that annoyingly yellow textbook, the time finally presented itself. More accurately, the lack of time presented itself.

The mare of having no electricity, no hot water and no heating didn’t completely take its toll on me: I powered through and just about learnt the majority of the course.

2) When I still couldn’t answer the question in the exam.


This would only happen to me. The 10% I only skimmed over thinking “omg it will never come up there’s only a paragraph” CAME UP. An all-nighter had never failed me until this day.

At the end I just had to laugh at this awful person I’ve become. Also, this was supposed to be the easier exam, so I was not feeling hopeful for the rest…

3) When I found out I wasn’t the only one who did absolutely nothing this Christmas.


In a previous post, I declared how hard I was going to work over the holidays. 12 hour days, she said. No Xmas movies, she said. Delusional, she now says.

4) When everyone around me still knows what they are doing.

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Why does everyone know what their career plans are? As well as having 50389389 internships lined up, their own business, and a fucking flying pony, these people also have their wedding venues and bridesmaids sorted. Am I seriously the only 21 year old who has no idea where they’ll be in 5 years time?

5) When the Droit International exam reminded me that I can actually speak French.

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Wahou!  I CAN speak French. I may not be an incoming intern anywhere, or have a lavish wedding ceremony planned, but I can have a conversation in French about the negotiations of treaties. Who’s the real winner here??

6) When I started to revise Droit Social and realised I sometimes do like my course.

giphy (4).gif

Currently contemplating a change of heart: I should just stop complaining and start working earlier/stop being a dickhead. DROIT 4EVA ~

7) When I remember that my moyenne is still utter shite and I’m gonna screw up my third year regardless of the Jan marks.

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Hope. Dashed.


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