12637299_10153512305386731_850150069_oWe decided a little treat was in order after the gruelling exam period. With a reputation for the best hot chocolate, we gave Angelina a try. It’s safe to say we were all impressed.

First things first, the interior is absolutely stunning. Maybe I just don’t go to nice places enough (quite true), but I was amazed by it all. This salon de thé had an old, and overly fancy feel to it. I wouldn’t recommend showing up in your hoodie, but at the same time I don’t think you need to make any other sort of extra effort. It is also a shop at the front, with cakes and pastries on offer, to go.

Everyone had lunch also, but unsurprisingly, the lunch menu wasn’t too vegetarian friendly- something to bare in mind! With this, we reserved a table online the night before. It was quite busy when we arrived, so I recommend booking in advance.

And now, the hot chocolate. It really was as good as everyone says. I had read about Angelina before we went, and a glowing review of the hot chocolate seemed to pop up on every single site. “Sinfully rich” is probably the best and most accurate description I have found.



Pure happiness

226 Rue de Rivoli, 75001 Paris
Metro Tuileries


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