Calling all the lazy law students who cba to stand up on that 8am train. I’m here to answer your prayersAll stations are pretty shit during the morning rush hour, but Saint-Lazare is something else, and you’ll need all the help you can get.

First of all, I would like to say that if this doesn’t work out for you, it is all your fault and not mine. To get the seat, you must want the seat. But you need to be tactical, and also, not a baby. This method has worked about 8/10 times.

I must also point out that if you are travelling in a pair or a group, I cannot help you. This is for the lone wolf travelling to their 9am Droit Administratif seminar.

First step: you need to position yourself tactically so that you are by the doors to get on from the side of the carriage where there are 6 seats (3 opposite eachother). I like to stand by the corner of second big advert on the wall.

And then you wait. It is 8am, and you can only get on this train when you are the first or second person nearest to the door.

Once it arrives, let everyone get off  the train (it gets signficantly more empty at Saint Lazare) and then you will quite easily be able to get 1 of those 6 seats in the corner. If you don’t (rarely will this happen), then by the next 2 stops somebody pretty much always gets off, and you’ll be right there ready to swoop in and sit down all the way until Porte de vanves/Malakoff plateau de vanves.

Warning: DO NOT GO FOR THE SEATS THAT FLIP DOWN. You will be forced to give up that seat as the train gets busier to make room for people to stand. Always aim for the 6 seat area. Otherwise you’ll be standing uncomfortably for what will feel like the longest 20 minutes of your life…


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