The words you really, really don’t want to hear from a French person…

We were discussing this a few days ago, and it hit me that I’ve had this comment numerous times. “Your accent is so cute”.

It’s deceptive, because you would think it’s a compliment at first (depending on how naive you are) and then you realise it’s patronising, annoying and potentially the most depressing thing to ever be told.

I first got this on maybe the second day of Uni, when I was desperately trying to hold conversation with the French girl next to me in our Contract lecture. She pretended to be surprised that French was in fact not my first language (thank you for the fake gasp, I appreciated the effort), and then she dropped the “cute” comment. I didn’t really know what to say or do, except uncomfortably laugh it off…

After mentally planning out your tenses and verb formations, and then finally building up the courage to blurt it all out in the most brave, yet inaccurate way possible, but to then be told that your accent is v cute, is sort of a kick in the teeth.


Sometimes it’s funny, sometimes it’s spiteful, but mostly every time, it is just a bit unnecessary.

I get it, I don’t have a French accent. I will probably never have one. If we could all just stop pointing that out, that would be super. Just focus on everything else that’s wrong with my French. I mean, there’s plenty to choose from…


One thought on ““TON ACCENT EST MIGNON”

  1. Thanks for following my posts.
    At least they used the familiar ‘tu’!! ‘Votre’ would have been much more discouraging! I am sure they are on your side.
    Look forward to gaining further perspectives on French cultural exchanges…


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