I would just like to point out I got one ages ago. I just hadn’t thought to write a post on it…

There’s a little something you need to sort out before you move to Paris. UNLOCK YOUR DAMN PHONE. I have been burned by this twice, so you absolutely cannot forget. What’s the point of paying for a contract you can’t even use straight away?

You can unlock it from Paris, but contacting your UK provider is a mare, unless you’re on T-Mobile/EE, who have a nifty online unlock form here. I wouldn’t really recommend going to any sort of random store here, or using those random DIY things online. I’m pretty sure Orange France don’t do it for you in store either. So wise up and do it from home, otherwise you’ll be waiting ages before you can text all your cool new friends.

From then, it’s all pretty easy. Just walk in to a store and ask for a contract, or pay as you go. Orange seemed to be quite good for my friends, with them getting a €20 monthly deal. But, you have to have a French bank account to be able to get a contract.

If you haven’t been organised enough to get your bank account up and running quite yet, but are absolutely desperate to have 3G, you can pop over to the Free mobile store in Madeline, whether or not you have a French bank account. I did this, and it was quite useful! I only got it for a month because I thought I would change to Orange once my French bank was sorted, but I actually thought the deal was quite good with Free so I extended my contract.

If you go to the Free Mobile store, there will be this massive queue for basically no reason: this is not the queue you want. Just go straight to the self service machines, you can follow the instructions and get the sim card yourself.

You can also check out other providers online, such as Bouygues and SFR.

Free Mobile, 8, rue de la Ville l’Evêque, 75008
Metro: Madeline


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