We’re ready for you. (Mostly). 

It’s time for a much needed update. I almost can’t believe how much I’ve neglected this blog since term 2 has begun.

So if I didn’t make it clear enough in earlier posts, term 1 was pretty awful. We barely had any idea what was going on, and it didn’t help that the teachers didn’t quite know what needed to be done for the Erasmus students either. All the teachers at Warwick told us that Term 2 would be so much better, we’d find our feet, and that everything would be okay. But with the nightmare that term 1 was turning out to be, it was really hard to believe that term 2 would be any different.

But term 2 is here, and I regret questioning any of their advice. It’s pretty unbelievable how at ease we’re all feeling. We’ve all said numerous times how much better things are. We’re more aware of how things work, we know what needs to be done when, and we mostly know how to manage our time better: Paris might finally be looking up.

I’m glad, because I was really wondering whether this year would be a waste. After hearing “profitez-bien” 75034 times and wanting to punch every single person who offered that unnecessary piece of advice, I finally feel like we can take their advice. We’ve also realised that driving yourself crazy over a bunch of seminar work really isn’t worth it.

It’s quite odd, because everything is the same, but it just feels very different. I think it helps that we’ve all made time for each other. We’ve all joked that we’ve all seen each other more in the last month, than for the whole of term 1.

So term 2, we’re ready for you. Like 60% ready. Not sure we’ll be singing the same merry tunes come exams, but that’s always the way things go, isn’t it?

Paris, you aren’t so bad after all. Keep it up.





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