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Friends are already leaving Paris, and it’s just a reminder that time is going far too quickly.

How sad, that we wasted term 1 stressing about work, rather than spending what little time we had with everybody. I think that realization was probably the second worst thing about saying goodbye in January. The first being, of course, having to actually say goodbye.

The most exciting part of an Erasmus year is meeting so many new people, who come from all of these cool places, and making memories with them. Yes, all of their stories make England seem so dull in comparison, but you listen intently nonetheless- even if you are ridiculously jealous of how they get to ski in their hometowns, whereas you celebrate if you can leave the house without an umbrella in tow.


To think back to when we all meet in September, in those language classes, it’s crazy how fast time is going. This year will be over before we know it, so we have to soak up all of the soirées, spontaneous walks along the Seine and last-minute French dinners while we can.

To those who have left us: À bientôt, j’espère. Who knows where in the world we’ll end up meeting again! That’s the magic of goodbyes.


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