12737093_10153550502896731_1601808514_oThere will be several of these “***UNMISSABLE ERASMUS BOAT PARTY SOIREE****” events scattered throughout the year, but are any even worth your time? I can’t claim to have any extensive experience of these fabulous croisières, as I’ve only been to one. But I can let you know what some friends have said…

When we arrived, we were seeing so many events on Facebook for most Saturdays for about the first month and a half. There will also be the odd few during the week.

Some of the group went along to one of the first ones, and it was apparently really good! I guess it’s another way to get to know everyone you’ve met in the language course, and potentially some new people too. Everyone I spoke to said they had a good time, so in hindsight I probably should’ve given it a go. There were loads of ticket deals, but generally it didn’t seem to be a rip-off. That being said, it probably isn’t necessary to go to every single one for the first month.


So what about the ones in Term 2? In theory, they should be just as popular, as a new batch of students join for Term 2, but the one we ended up at wasn’t too full…

But it was still really fun, and the boat still took a tour down the Seine. The music was also quite good, and the drinks still marked at their Parisian prices. We got a 10 euro ticket, which included a drink if you are a University student in Paris.

All in all, it’s worth it- but I would say more so at the start of Term 1. Don’t let the worries of trying to get to grips with your non-existent timetable stop you from enjoying Paris. After all, you are only an Erasmus student once…


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