This is essentially language speed dating- minus the prospect of romance. It’s definitely a great way to improve your French and meet new people.

We heard about these events a while ago, and finally decided to give it a try this week. It’s an evening where you are paired off with a native French speaker, and then you speak for 7 mins in French, and then 7 mins in English. After this time, you switch tables (speed dating-esque wahou). It’s about 2 hours, and I can honestly say it was really, really fun.

It wasn’t awkward at all- and I was quite worried it would be. You end up talking about anything and everything. This is quite useful because it’s really useful to be exposed to some conversation that isn’t just about droit administratif. I found it a lot easier to maintain conversation with people you don’t see everyday- weirdly enough.

With this, you meet all sorts of people: surprisingly, there weren’t as many students as I thought there would be. For example, I ended up chatting to someone from Texas, which was really interesting. I also met a teacher who is desperate to get out of this profession- and is hoping that improving his English through these events will give him that platform.

It was really nice to finally feel less terrible about my French- the confidence boost was much needed! I definitely can see the improvement in my French now- maybe I’ll try to be more confident in speaking at Uni now…

All in all, I couldn’t recommend this enough. It was such a great evening, and I can’t wait to do it again.

It cost us 8 euro with a drink included- just remember to take your student cards with you!


Sign up online/check out their events on Facebook:



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