IMG_0102.jpgAwesome street art, great shops, and of course, wonderful cafes… The Marais is such a great area to walk around, full of several little detours leading to cute streets and a much quirkier side to Paris.

The 3rd and 4th arrondissements of Paris have become known as Le Marais. There’s a lot to it: shopping, great food and loads of historical sites, small museums and galleries.

I was definitely surprised by all the big stores. What was stranger, was that it didn’t feel like an area that these bigger brands could co-exist with: but somehow, it worked. You didn’t feel like it was an overly “in your face” posh area, despite all the fancy boutiques. In comparison, the Champs-Elysees definitely feels shrouded in all things fancy. But like I said, it’s a nice co-existence of contrasts in the Marais.


We also decided to grab a chocolat chaud to warm up our walk around Paris. We ended up at a cafe called Le Voltigeur. Unknowingly, we had just walked into a cafe that prides themselves on their hot chocolate- it was their specialty!




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