Want to experience some French food without forking out your entire Erasmus grant? Chez Janou is the place for you.

We were originally only looking for a place that served Ratatouille (don’t ask), but we stumbled across this gem, two weeks ago.

The menu was full of all this classic French food, and at some pretty good prices, compared to the other French restaurants we were browsing online. We thought that the glasses of wine were quite nicely priced too, so we decided to indulge…

So we went for the Ratatouille as a starter. Seji got the duck for her main, and I got this vegetarian dish, that wasn’t on the menu (very usual in France), but the waitress recommended I get this vegetarian dish they serve, rather than getting a main without the meat. It was basically this puff pastry-esque thing with lots of veg. It was very tasty, so I was pleasantly surprised.

We even opted for desert and got a crème brûlée to share- my first one ever! If you choose to share you get a slightly bigger dish, which made us very happy.


Seji was very happy with her food, as was I. I was even happier with the bill, as I can imagine most French dining to come at a much scarier price.

The staff were really lovely, and the restaurant had a great, non-snobby feel. It’s definitely worth a visit at some point in Paris. We got talking to the table next to us, and they said they love coming here when they are in Paris.

2 Rue Roger Verlomme, 75003. Metro Chemin Vert (I think!)


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