Among the traffic, fast walkers and great shops in Saint-Germain-des-Prés, lies the Cafe de Flore. At first glance, you wouldn’t expect it to have so much history behind it. 

The Cafe de Flore has become somewhat of tourist draw, mainly due to the history surrounding it. This is because several authors, poets and painters have spent their time there. Some names include Hemingway, and Sartre.

So, we passed the afternoon with our wonderful hot chocolates, enjoying the idea of being in such a literary haven, and planning our future best selling book (not really). How surreal, to be in the same room where these great writers once frequented. Would creativity strike for us, the same way it once did for them?

However, the reality of the modern world abruptly reared its ugly head. After witnessing two older men (one with a wedding ring!), hitting on these two young girls, and being a little too hands on, I quickly forgot about writers working their magic many years ago, and resumed drinking my chocolat chaud, with a very watchful-and judgmental- eye.

Despite that slight anomaly, it was a lovely afternoon. Ion and I particularly liked that we didn’t feel rushed to leave. The waiters don’t pressure you to go, so you can really soak up your time reading, writing, or in our case, gossiping and comparing supermarket prices of yogurts. I can’t imagine Hemingway would be too thrilled.

It was a lovely few hours, desperately waiting to spot a celeb after a Dior PFW Show. Alas, such was not the case…



3 thoughts on “CAFE DE FLORES

  1. Didn’t Hemingway make a habit of hitting on just about anyone in a skirt?

    Loved the post. You should have a Pinterest button because the photos make the post very visual. I will copy it to my Coffee in Paris board..


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