Unnecessarily expensive, but really good fun if you just avoid the bar and embrace the 3 rooms of music. 

I’ll start with the good stuff, before I bring you the crushing reality of a Parisian club- especially one in the Champs-Élysées.

It’s great because although it’s in the fancy area of Paris, you don’t necessarily have to be in a dress and heels- this was a positive for me. Jeans and a top, and even trainers if you’re lucky, is acceptable attire.

Second great thing, has to be the fact that girls get in for free before 12.30- sorry boys, but I can’t hear all of your resentful comments over all that money I’m not spending…

But the real winning quality of Duplex club is probably the music. There are 3 rooms, so there’s definitely something for everyone. And if there’s ever a period where you don’t like the songs in one room (doubt that would happen though, Duplex is great), you could always venture into the others. The risk with other clubs is that if they start playing all this French music that you don’t know, and can’t really get into, you can’t escape anywhere else. With Duplex, there’s always the chance to move around and find the fun again.

Is good music really worth it? Wouldn’t it just be better to stand around uncomfortably for a short while in another club whilst the French Top 40 chart plays?


It pains me to say this, as it has always been really fun, but Duplex club really is far too expensive. A massive 20 euro for all the guys, and then after a certain time (not always 12.30, they extended it slightly for us once), the girls end up having to pay that much anyway. I think a drink is included. And yes, you also get another drink voucher with it if you “upgrade” to this great “deal” of 26 euro- but how annoying!

So whilst we all reminisce over all the fun we’ve had there (the whole two times we went), when we’re planning our next night out, we’re almost certain we’ll stay away from Duplex…


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