IMG_0521Standing by the Palais de Justice, you wouldn’t initially think much of this little Chapel. But, on the second floor lies magical, multi-coloured stained glass windows, and beautiful design.  Although small, the Holy Chapel should not be overlooked when visiting Paris. 

At first glance this seems your ordinary church. The first floor, although lovely, didn’t make that much of an impression.

However, it is upon entering and reaching the second floor that you may find your breath taken away. Once I reached the second floor, I couldn’t quite believe we were in the same church! The extravagance of the design was remarkable, with all of the rich colours.

The divide between the two floors has some historical meaning. The upper floor was reserved for the King- unsurprising considering the magnificent, jewel like windows. The Sainte Chapelle is arguably one of the best kept secrets that Paris holds.





8 boulevard du Palais – 75001 Paris, Metro Saint Michel Ligne 4, RER B Notre-Dame/Saint Michel. 


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