Here are some things you can get up to in the Montmartre area- it isn’t just the Sacre Coeur! 

The beautifully winding (yet, hilly) pathways of Montmartre have much to offer. If you are walking around you can find loads of vintage shops (where I found an awesome bag last term) and all sorts of other treasures.

So of course, you can see the Sacre Coeur. See my post here for when we went to visit it in term 1. Avoid those little tourist trains- they were rubbish!


The Mur des Je T’aime is a short walk away, if you want to see love come together in every language. See my earlier post here.

The Montmartre Cemetery is also really nice.

Finally, Pigalle and the red-light district is also a short walk away. When there, be sure to check out the famous Moulin Rouge. Find my earlier post on it here.



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