IMG_0455Seriously the most amazing place I’ve been to in Paris. Neither words or photos can do it justice.

I always knew the Opera was there. I always pass the Metro station on my way to University. Sometimes I saw it from the outside when the train terminated early and I had to walk home from there. Once, I even took a photo from the outside and thought to myself : “Wow, that’s a really nice building that is.”  Up until recently, “nice” is all I really had to say about the Opera.

And then, I went inside. Well, I definitely feel like the world’s biggest idiot. “Nice” is no longer the word. In fact there are probably no words to describe just how blown away I was by the interior. I felt like I just didn’t belong in there, in my big winter parka coat and boots. It was so, so impressive.

As soon as you walk in, you are met with a grand staircase, stunning design, and echoes of “wow” and “oh my god”.


After that, there’s even more to blow you away. The auditorium itself is exquisite, but there’s is also a art gallery, and many other rooms to explore. Note: there are online flash sales every Wednesday, so you may be lucky enough to grab yourself a 10 euro ticket to the Opera!


Metro Opera.




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