IMG_0169When I first came here, it was when Seji and I were having a shitty day. We decided to get a treat from the patisserie and sit down here to enjoy some fresh air, whilst complaining about life- one of our favourite hobbies…

I can’t work out if it was the amazing cake, the reasonably sunny weather, or this pretty great garden- but we really did feel better at the end. It was probably a mixture of everything. We had a much-needed reminder that Paris isn’t all bad.

The second time I came with Arti, who was visiting me from home. We sat down on one of the many benches and watched the mini sailboats in the pond by the Chateau, before taking a stroll around. There were statues, and fountains, and on this day, there were even ponies! All in all, the Jardin du Luxembourg is a wonderful place, for a little piece of calm in the centre of Paris.

I can’t wait for Summer in Paris!


RER B Luxembourg-Sénat OR Metro Odeon Ligne 4 and 10


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