I wrote a post last term about Paris sticking a middle finger up to all the lovers in the world, by taking down the beloved padlocks from the famous “lovelock bridge”. I recently walked by here, and I just couldn’t believe the change.

It’s empty. Well and truly empty.

I mean, what was I expecting? They said they were taking the locks down. So, they took the locks down. Why was I expecting heaps of padlocks to still be there? Why was I expecting happy couples declaring their eternal love for each other? Why did I care so much?

I think it was just a shame to see it so empty. It’s sad to see the very few 2016 padlocks, and it’s even sadder to know that the time of these newer locks on this bridge will be short-lived.


I haven’t been back to the Pont de l’Archevêché recently, so I’m not sure if those locks have been taken down too. I’m not too sure I want to know…

Read my earlier post on this here, where I really did not think that even a tiny part of me would care about this. I guess I must just be more attached to Paris now…



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