13275068_10153787369756731_1602658621_oWell, technically at least. 

At least there is one good thing about Paris Descartes. Your exams will be done relatively early so you can get the hell out of Paris ASAP.

No, I’m kidding. Paris is great, but university? Not so much.

So whilst you can complain that University is preventing you from enjoying Paris, at least you’ll have a nice, long summer, to do some much needed catching up. After all, Paris is even more beautiful in the sun.

Exams were pretty okay this time around. It was nice to see how much our understanding of the language has progressed, as we’re getting stuck less and less on things like sentence structure and vocabulary. Asides from the little drama of our IC paper (post here), things were relatively good…

My sisters came to visit me once my exams were over, and I’ve had the best time! We’ve walked around Paris so much, I feel like I need another break to recover from this one.

Stay tuned for more posts on what we’ve been up to.




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