See original imageBecause no library can be worse than the one Malakoff has to offer. 

Unlike your friends who are having the time of their lives on their Erasmus year, if you’re on the Law exchange program at Descartes V, you’re actually going to have to do a lot of work.

If you wish to retain even an ounce of happiness during this year (I’m being dramatic but also a bit serious), I’d recommend studying at the BSG.

It is in the centre of Paris, by the Sorbonne, and most importantly, it is far away from Malakoff.

It’s nice because you can sit outside by the Pantheon and eat your lunch, or go to one of the nearby sandwich shops, which have loads of student deals. If you stay in Malakoff, you can eat lunch in front of a concrete wall.

It’s open 10am-10pm, but they tend to want everybody out by 10pm, so expect to be pressured to leave at around 9.30pm.

When you arrive the first time, you will have to register for a library card- it’s all really simple. Then, you get in and out of the library scanning your card. You are allowed one full hour break a day, and as many 20 minute breaks as you like.

Happy studying! It’s probably all you will be doing on your Erasmus year…


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