200 (1).gifDid that really just happen?! Unfortunately, yes.

“You should just go back to the UK if you don’t understand.”

All we did was ask our TD teacher if she could speak a bit slower and louder. Also, if it were really that simple to just pack up and leave, I’m sure we would all take that option. It beats sticking around to be on the receiving end of such comments from members of STAFF.

“You should really improve your French.”

Oh really? I wasn’t aware. Thank you for such life changing insight. Thank you for also putting that as the only feedback on my very first exam in Paris, 1 month into my Erasmus year. That was super motivating. In fact, my knowledge on French Contract Law significantly improved after helpful feedback. I really know why I failed now. Top stuff.

“That’s really cute that you did your essay.”

Is it? Is it really mignon? Or is it simply what I HAVE TO DO IN ORDER TO PASS YOUR COURSE?! I don’t think I will ever get over the fact that this comment came from a teacher…

“How will you follow the courses here, if you can’t even speak French?”

It’s my first day. I’m kind of just hoping for the best here… Nice to know I have your support though.

“It’s absolutely illegal to do your exam as an oral exam.”

Wait a minute now, isn’t this a law school? Aren’t you qualified in some sort of legal shit? Maybe we shouldn’t throw around the word “illegal” so thoughtlessly guys – just saying.

“Can you even speak French?”

Well, you clearly don’t think so. Yet somehow, SOMEHOW, I still understand your insults… funny that.

“I’m sorry, I can’t give you different/special treatment because you are Erasmus. But FYI I also never pass Erasmus students.”

Wow,  you’re not being hypocritical at all! I feel so equal and welcome! This sense of belonging is so overwhelming! THANK YOU!

“Why are you even on Erasmus if you’re fluent in French?”

Because none of your bloody business that’s why. Just LEAVE US ALONE!

“Oh, you have a lot of errors on your notes. Look at all those red lines”.

This is probably the only direct comment I’ve ever got from a French student. First of all, my language was set on English on my Word Doc. Second of all, why are you even looking at my laptop?!

“Wow, you actually have a really high mark in that module!”

Alright, don’t sound too surprised. We’re not complete morons. We might say “pardon” every time you speak to us, but we are capable of doing exams… it’s kind of the only thing we’re okay at.

Ah, good times.


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