200 (4).gifStep One : Don’t. 

First of all, you can’t even pee on campus without risking some kind of disease. I think that’s reason enough to get off this “campus” as soon as you can.

Second of all, the students aren’t the greatest. I think I’ve met a total of 7 decent humans in that University. And as a result, my expectation of “decent” is really, really low right now : anyone who says hello apparently counts as decent now. Why hang out with people that don’t even want you there? Get off campus ASAP.

Alas, sometimes you HAVE to stay on campus, because of that damn degree you’ve committed to getting. Here’s where to hole up alone :

The “Salle des etudiants” :
Probably the only okay area. There’s a “Salle Jaune” which is for silent work. And then this “salle des etudiants” is probably for the cooler kids, who can work and chat at the same time. Doesn’t really matter which room you choose, you’ll probably be sat in silence anyways.

The library:
Super cold but whatever. There are 2 – but there’s going to be a brand new library from September, so it may or may not be better.

The ELSA room aka European Law Students Association:
This is quite fun. They’re probably the nicest students on campus – they actually acknowledge the Erasmus as real life human beings, so that’s quite refreshing. It’s like a small common room, and they chat, play cards, eat crepes (seriously, they have their own crepe machine thing). All in all, this is probably the closest thing to fun on campus.

La Petite Larousse: 
It’s a little cafe right next to the uni. It’s quirky, and they have really nice quiches. You can’t really escape here everyday, but sometimes it’s nice.




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