My one positive post is of course going to be followed by another negative one. 

“You’re going to have so much free time”

Are we? I really didn’t feel like we had that much time. We were always chasing somebody up, trying to get a form signed, or trying to work out if that exam next week is crammable or not.  Yes, I definitely made free time (by avoiding responsibilities), but I don’t feel like I would have had that much free time to begin with anyways.

For example, I only ever visited Paris and learnt about the tourist sights when I had my friends or family visiting. They were all shocked that I was doing most of these things for the very first time with them.

“The studies won’t even take up much of your time”

In fairness, we didn’t play this one too wisely. Yes you have a lot of TD work-  but you don’t have to do it in the level of detail we tried, as the teachers will probably never pick on you. If they ask you to do essays, do them properly. But the fiche d’arrets? Just try to understand the facts and  guess some sort of question de droit – at least you tried.

So whilst the work took up a lot of our time, we only learnt at the end that it didn’t have to.

“There’s so much to see and do as a student in Paris”

Again, this is not technically a lie. Almost all things are free as a student in Paris. But then there’s the whole study thing we had to conquer first…

Every time we organised to go and do something touristy, we would all cancel last minute – I suppose we just felt too guilty?? I personally didn’t but I suppose that’s what it was…

“There are so many Erasmus students”

Again, technically not a lie. There are plenty of Erasmus students in Paris. But are any of them at Descartes Law School? Absolutely not. And if they are, they’re masters students and super busy. Of course, the majority of Erasmus students you meet are at schools in the centre of Paris, or at the Sorbonne. Good luck explaining the far off concept of Malakoff to them.

“Choose Paris. You’ll love it.”

It was sold to us as a magnificent dream, but unfortunately it was anything but. I feel massively let down, but I guess it taught me, yet again, to never have too high of expectations.


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