So I’ve been pretty negative about Paris recently. Probably because this year sucked. But still, this year was an opportunity like no other, and it’s important to also focus on the good.  I can’t promise it will be a long list, though. 

You have a wide choice of modules.

Strong starting point here, I know. But there are some really interesting options that you can take, which you probably won’t get to study at any other point in your legal studies.

Some students are nice, and you can really practice your French.

The handful of students we spoke to were actually so happy to try to understand our poor French. It’s a confidence booster once you understand their jokes! It’s useful to speak to French students so that you can learn some interesting slang that you’ll probably never use again.

You get close to some people.

Whilst I didn’t make best friends with anybody French, I feel like the Warwick group became a lot closer in our united struggle against the French education system. I literally can’t believe we barely spoke at all last year! One of my favourite things about this year is knowing that these guys will be in final year with me.


You become a lot more grateful.

I am  grateful to anybody who made this year easier on us. We had an occasional teacher who really made Erasmus quite enjoyable – and actually made me want to do well. For a lot of this year I was demotivated, and just quite unimpressed. But the teachers who valued as and treated us as equals, are the modules I consistently did well in.

I am now a lot more grateful and appreciative of how much Warwick do for us, and not just in the administrative sense. We’ve had a lot of support from them in regards to pretty much everything : exam stress, career worries, and even much needed guidance after the terrorist attacks last year.

I am grateful for the UK education system. It is the only one in which I am capable of doing well in – and this year definitely taught me that!

You will never get this opportunity again.

It is a “Year” abroad for a reason – it is only one year of escape, independence and freedom. It is a nice little break before adulthood creeps up on you.

If it wasn’t for this Year abroad, I would have spent my final year focusing on finding my way into a Law firm – even though that’s not what I’ve ever wanted to do. This year may not have answered all my career questions, but it has definitely crossed one option off of the list. And I’m happy about that.




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