Who knew we could actually have any???

When my friends & family came to visit.

These were probably the best times in Paris. It was so nice to be able to show off where I lived- even though I wasn’t as in love with my year as I should’ve been. In fact, these were the times when I actually got to see Paris, so it definitely forms my top memories of Paris.

That one time we had a week off from University.

That was a good week. I did nothing for a week and then realised it was actually a revision week in which I had done zero revision. Yay, me. At least I got to sleep for a week…

Making new friends.

This was great. Not only did I meet new people, but I also got to know the people from Warwick a lot better, and I’m really looking forward to final year with them.

I think that’s it…

Whilst these are great memories, I feel like this year should’ve been full of a lot more of them. It makes me sad that when reflecting on this year abroad, I can barely think of things to say asides from the generic “meeting new people” line…



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