12800399_10209259883842097_4148696292290558291_n“Can you teach me French then?” Try to refrain from punching everybody in the face- try.

“Oh wow, France! Are you fluent in French then?”

Nope. Nope, nope. But thank you for reminding me of what a complete and utter failure I am.

“How romantic, the city of love. Have you got a boyfriend?”

Again, no.

“Wasn’t it really easy? I heard Erasmus students basically do nothing.”

Screw you. Screw you ALL.

“So what grade did you get?”

This is a particularly touchy one. We won’t actually know our grades until about November/December, as they need to be converted. So if you could all stop asking me what my 3rd year grade is that would be GREAT.

“When do you go back?”

I’ve bizarrely had this one a few times. Never, the answer is NEVER. That’s why it’s called a “year” abroad, folks.

“Haha, did France kick you out because we’re out of the EU?”

That’s not funny. Please stop.

“How much more cultured do you feel now?”

Not that much more actually… not that much more.


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