That Paris is really, really nice. But only as a holiday…

I’m not very good at French.

I never thought I was amazing, but I thought that at least by the end I would have a really good grasp on the language. Unfortunately, that’s just not the case. Not only was I grossly shite in comparison to the other Erasmus students, but I was also so shite, that I ended up either reverting to English, or worse, just sitting there in silence. Silence became my new best friend this year- it was much easier.

That is definitely a regret though, with all my complaining about the studies and exams, I could’ve at least made more of an effort with improving my language. That way, I could’ve at least had something to show from this year.

I’m really not that intelligent…

Again, I didn’t ever think I was the biggest genius. But this year has definitely instilled some serious self-doubt…

… but at least I’m an okay writer.

By venting and complaining on basically every single post on this blog, I’ve affirmed one thing: I’m an okay writer! It’s something I truly enjoy, so I’m really glad I started this blog. Yay, one good thing came from Paris.

Nobody will have your back more than your home university.

I’ve said it in previous posts, and I’ll say it again: I don’t think I will ever complain about Warwick ever again – not that I remember complaining much in the first place.

After basically being ignored and pushed to the side in every situation in Paris, I’ve become a lot more appreciative of people who do actually support us, no matter what. We have all sent about 1000 frantic emails back to Warwick between us this year, and we’ve all been given so much help – I think we all have a newfound sense of gratitude for the team at Warwick!

I’ll probably never go abroad again.

Now now, of course this excludes short holidays! But apart from that, I don’t see myself moving anywhere for a long period of time. Before Paris, I really envisaged working abroad. But now, I’m a lot more sceptical. I think deep down I would still like to, but it would probably take a lot for me to finally take the plunge and leave.

I’m probably not heading back to Paris anytime soon.

Too many bad memories. It’s a shame, because Paris really is beautiful.  But I will definitely be taking a few years break before I head back there again…

Your year abroad is supposed to be a dream – mine wasn’t.

And that’s okay. Every experience is an experience after all…





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