IMG_0207Without it, I’d be an even bigger mess that I already am.

This time last year, after bugging all my friends about whether or not it was a good idea, I decided to start a blog to document my year abroad in ~ooh lala~ Paris.

Although my year abroad was not the greatest, and I didn’t every really have that great a story to share on this site, I am so glad I decided to write this blog.

In low times, it was a place to vent.

In happy times, it was a place to share these happy memories, and try to find the light at the end of the tunnel.

And in other times, it was just a great hobby.

I definitely feel like my writing has improved. It is by no means perfect, but at least now I am more proactive in coming up with my own post ideas – something which I’m sure will aid me in the future, if I decide to carry on writing for other sites! With this, the blog has also helped me branch out into writing for other sites, such as the OneWorld365 blog, and the Student Situation.

Another great thing is that it never felt like a chore. I’ve grown to love writing even more now, and this blog was the best way to nurture this hobby. I feel like that if I’m now given a title, I can quite easily write something quite quickly. Whereas before, I would procrastinate and think about it for days and days before actually writing something.

But I think the most rewarding part of having a blog is hearing what other people have to say about it. Whilst my friends always had positive things to say, I think the most surprising comment was when I was in an interview for a Paris design magazine – the interviewer told me she saw my blog and thought it was very “cool”.

Also, I’m now an ever bigger fan of GIFs, and I’m always desperate to try and find the best ones to accurately describe the situations we found ourselves in. This Buzzfeed obsession of mine is paying off…

All in all, without this blog, I don’t think I would’ve been quite as reflective as I have been on this year. It helped me find a writing style, of course. But ultimately, it helped me really make a judgment on myself this year. I think I was always going to do some serious growing up on this year away, but this blog really helped me realise it, and with it, I’ve seen a slow (but welcome) change. This blog will always be something I can look back on, and for that, I’m glad!

For all these reasons, I would really recommend starting a blog!

You don’t even have to make it known to everyone and share it online- I just did because I’m an attention whore. It can be a link that you keep to yourself. But, it doesn’t even have to be online – what about a journal, or scrapbook?


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